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Lisa Chiapetta & Associates, LLC - Qualitative Research Support Services

Lisa Chiapetta & Associates, LLC - Qualitative Research Support Services

Lisa Chiapetta & Associates, LLC - Qualitative Research Support ServicesLisa Chiapetta & Associates, LLC - Qualitative Research Support Services




"Lisa is nails. We've worked together on several research projects. Each time she has been a recruiting miracle worker, helping to field respondents under intense deadlines. Lisa is responsive, resourceful and invested. I can count on the people she recruits to be engaging, thoughtful and insightful." 

-Senior Brand Strategist at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

"Finding the right recruiting partner is integral to the success of any project. In nearly 7 years of collaboration, Lisa has always delivered and often exceeds my expectations. When I hire her to recruit participants for research projects, I have complete faith that she not only understands what I need but may also make suggestions to enhance the process. Lisa is smart with a keen business sense. Even for projects she's not recruiting, I can count on her for methodological guidance, given her vast experience. She is the consummate professional, yet we also enjoy a camaraderie marked by many laughs! Lisa Chiapetta is a true and trusted partner, with whom I always look forward to working." 

-Marketing Researcher/Qualitative Research Consultant. Creative Facilitator.Moderator


"Lisa is a stellar moderator and partner. It's incredibly difficult to find top research talent but she's proven time and time again to be reliable, insightful and delightful to work with. She has a contagious energy and brings new ways of thinking to unearth deep human truths. A true professional."

- Brand and Creative Strategist


"I know I can always trust Lisa to deliver excellent results. She does not back away from a challenge and uses her unparalleled intellect and ingenuity to get it done. She is a straight shooter and very knowledgeable about many targets. She and her team are very service oriented and I would recommend them for any project."                                                                                                                                                                                           

-Operations & Project Management


"We could not recommend Lisa any stronger. We like to throw impossible challenges at recruiters. It's what separates the good from the great. It's not just the ability to get things done, that's par for the course. It's the ability to be proactive, honest, creative and easy to work with that truly makes one great. Lisa is interested in understanding the challenges that you're trying to solve as she works with you to formulate a solution. She's an spectacularly good communicator and she brings her impressive range of professional tools to the plate. Lisa is an outstanding resource to have on your side. 

-Senior VP of Research